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The Bengaluru Blog is a community blog. We would like Bangaloreans all over the world to express their opinions, show talent, share photos and useful information. You can write just about any topic. The Bengaluru Blog will feature information on food, fashion, TV/Movies, technology, startups, local news, music, pets and animals, health, jobs and careers, business, and everything else in between.

Why write for Bengaluru Blog?

Writing for Bengaluru Blog will give you an opportunity to showcase your writing skills and build your portfolio. Good writers are always in demand. Internet has helped many people to choose writing as a full-tie career. Many people have excellent writing skills, but do not get an opportunity showcase their skills. Bengaluru Blog offers opportunity for Bangaloreans to showcase their writing skills while expressing their love for Bengaluru and sharing useful information.

Who can write for us?

Anyone who has a passion for writing and can write at least 500 words per article can become an author at Bengaluru Blog. We would like to have writers who can write at least one article per month. If you like to write more, you are more than welcome to do so. The more you write, the more recognition you get as a writer.

Who will get credit for my articles?

You will get full credit for all your articles. All your articles will be published with your name.

How can I start writing for Bengaluru?

Click here to send your first article. We will review your article. If it is approved, we will create an author account for you. So, you can start posting your articles.