Bengaluru IQ Test

Do you think you know Bengaluru? Take this fun IQ test to find out how well you know Bengaluru.

In year ________ Bengaluru was declared as the official name of the city.
Which provides around 80% of the total water supply to the city?
Which of the following is Bengaluru’s hockey team?
Bengaluru became the _______ city in India to generate electricity from hydro power.
Bengaluru is knows as:
Which of the following national park is located in Bengaluru?
Who is the popular Kannada poet from Bengaluru?
Where does Bengaluru rank in population in India?
Who is the father of Bangalore?
Which was the first multinational company setup its base in Bengaluru?
The Glass House in Bangalore is one of the places worth seeing. Where is it located?
Which is the tallest building in Bangalore?

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