Bangalore Cyclists Hoping to Make Cycling Popular Again

Image Source: MeetUp

Cycling improves physical and mental health, reduces pollution, and eases traffic. Cycling is also fun especially when you are riding with many enthusiastic riders. Bengaluru traffic is getting worst. The sedentary lifestyle is causing various health related issues. Popularity of motorcycles and cars is increasing. In such environment, a group of people in Bangalore are trying to create awareness about benefits of cycling and make it popular again.

If you love cycling and like to meet likeminded people, join this Thursday night cycling event organized by Bangalore Cyclists Group. Everyone with a bicycle is welcome to join.

The starting point will be at following location:

Airline Hotel – Lavelle Road, Bangalore

The cyclists are planning to cover 20 – 25 kilometers. The route has not been finalized yet. Cyclists will have to fulfill following safety recommendations:

  1. Helmet
  2. Tail lamp
  3. Head lamp
  4. Water or something for hydration

For updated information, visit Bangalore Cyclists Group


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